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Hyvä on Magento2 (Adobe Commerce) has created a buzz since its launch. It simply makes sense for every developer, agency and merchant thanks to its increased performance, reduced dependencies and incredible optimization. That is not to mention the fact that its community is full of resources and active contributors.

If you have been browsing through Git, forums and tech blogs, bumping at posts hyping up on Hyvä Magento2 but feeling confused about the technology? You are at the right place. In this article, we will quickly discover what Hyvä Magento2 is, why it could be a fantastic alternative to PWA, and what specifically makes it so great.

Hyvä Magento2 – It’s finally here!

Magento is an open-source E-commerce platform that was first released on March 31, 2007. It has been receiving fantastic feedback on the global stage, currently the largest e-commerce platform in the world. If you missed the news, worry not! Magento in its version 2 was named the best eCommerce platform in 2021 according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Recording its fifth year being considered as a Leader among 17 other vendors. So, what exactly is Hyvä theme for Magento2?

Hyvä takes a further step in leveraging Magento2 to make it faster for business leaders and developers to implement their front-end shop. It brings the better version of Magento’s default Luma template we were all looking for. Simple is better? Hyvä turns down all layout.xml and .phtml files. No more heavy JavaScript as in traditional Magento themes. We get rid of most of the JS libraries except the essential one: Alpine.js

Simpler and faster, below are the core principles:

  • reduced complexity
  • better performance
  • improved developer experience
  • improved development velocity
  • reduced dependencies
  • reduced learning curve

Many benefits come along, for example, with Hyvä theme on Magento2, you can perform OneStepCheckOut that allows you to:

  • View orders totals upfront that update dynamically when the customer change data;
  • Load a fast checkout page that is shorter and easier to fill out;
  • Update item quantity or remove items from the order summary section…

In short, Hyvä just made e-commerce content management much easier for you and your business!

Will PWA lose its ground?

Before we look at why you could consider switching to Hyvä Magento2, it’s important to acknowledge PWA’s merits.

Progressive web app (PWA) allows anyone to use websites as native mobile or desktop apps. It is simply a website acting as a mobile app, but it does not require you to make any download from an app store like other mobile apps. The merits of PWA sit on the fact that users can get app-like experiences in a mobile-first UI. Developers won’t need to spend extra time actually building and maintaining an iOS or Android app. It also provides common mobile app capabilities such as background sync, push notifications, offline browsing and barcode scanning.

Despite headless PWA’s merits, its shortcomings are hard to neglect. Even though PWA shares some basic e-commerce experience, it doesn’t come without a high degree of expertise, time and effort. Delivering a PWA is still very complicated although exciting for the developers. Thus, some of you may consider an alternative to PWA, without letting performance aside. It’s where Hyvä successfully comes.

What makes Hyvä a good alternative?

First, Hyvä is an alternative to headless PWAs, for those that choose not to venture into the Javascript-only web. Second, the PHP ecosystem incorporated is based on Laravel, a framework that our PHP developers are familiar with. Third, Hyvä currently takes full advantage of the tools as TailwindCSS and Alpine.js. Both help build fast and flexible frontend themes that not only look beautiful but are reliable and fast.

For experienced Magento developers, Hyvä is not something completely new, it conserves various native Magento mechanisms offering a modern frontend-stack. With the main PROS as:

  • Reduced dependencies. Hyvä Magento2 themes are powerful and feature-rich. It tries to make Magento2 rely less on 3rd-party libraries, therefore allowing developers to have more space creating a great front-end experience. Hyvä Themes are built with ‘HTML over the wire’ with TailwindCss, AlpineJs and Magento. It is highly customizable!
  • Better user experience. Sometimes, the number of clicks can greatly influence customer experience. To optimize checkout experience, these Magento 2 themes incorporate OneStepCheckOut that empower merchants to provide the best user experience ever.
  • Cost-saving. Since Hyvä Magento 2 now only contains two dependencies, developers can definitely implement and customize Hyvä Magento 2 themes much more efficiently than other similar solutions. As a business, you will save a lot of development cost and effort for the team.

Want to get your hands on it?

Whatever your goal may be, we can help! Whether it’s transforming the development experience for your coders or optimizing website performance.
If so then contact us today at Sutunam and discuss any project ideas that interest you with our team of 40+ experts who are certified Magento developers with extensive headless PWA experiences on VueStoreFront (JS) & Hyva Theme integration in Magento 2. At this point HYVÄ already offers many features which will undoubtedly grow further over time – talk about what interests YOU most!

To know more about Hyvä

  1. https://hyva.io/
  2. https://github.com/hyva-themes
  3. https://demo.hyva.io/

Happy testing!

The article is in collaboration with Mai Phương Thủy Tiên.

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