Magento – Ajax loading products on scroll

We just set a new feature on Magento website for our client, an e-commerce site very well-known to find your perfect case and accessories for iPhone (first rank on “coque iphone” French Google sorry 🙂 ).

You can try it on this page: all case for iPhone4

magento load on scroll

It works like a charm and simply, instead of loading 64 products in one time, we only load 12 (3 rows of 4 products).
Then we load next products using AJAX, step by step after user is scrolling. There you can see 264 products! Try it you will adopt it 😉

It’s not just nice, it considerably decrease your server load and increase your load page speed by 2 (this page gets a score pagespeed of 95%!).
You can see this kind of Ajax load on some big eCommerce like Amazom (we have been inspired by Amazon 😉 but also Spartoo or Google Image.

Just a great feature for our client’s website which is starting the Christmas rush period.

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