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Gofl Hanoi CityGolf

Today, Sutunam is helping CityGolf Hanoi, one of our customers, to track on its various positions in the Google search engine Vietnam.

Sutunam has developed the corporate website based on CMS Drupal during 6 months. First CityGolf of Vietnam, www.citygolf.com.vn, the website is a real marketing tool that allows the client to present many services (golf, events, lessons with PGA, simulators and various activities).

Besides, an offer SEO was also grafted onto the website and we are working on it. We use the Chromium browser on a freshly installed machine using Incognito mode to ensure that no external elements (bookmarks, preferences …) work in our favor or disfavor.

The site is well positioned by the keywords “Golf Hanoi” and its variants, including an early position on the composition “Golf Vietnam”. Using the domain name . com.vn (instead of the national domain . vn), the site is not hosted in Vietnam.

[youtube height=”315″ width=”560″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-PBUEIxHTc[/youtube]


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